My FAMLI+ Portal Up and Running for Colorado Employees to Request Benefits

By Drew Hintze posted 11-30-2023 08:45 AM


At long last, Colorado employers must be ready for their in-state employees to apply for and receive benefits from the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program (FAMLI). On November 27, 2023, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s FAMLI Division announced that the online portal for Colorado employees to file applications for paid family and medical leave is now operational. 

The My FAMLI+ portal is designed to assist Colorado employees in applying for paid leave, which will be accessible to nearly all Colorado employees starting on January 1, 2024. The early opening of the application portal aims to assist those individuals who are aware of their forthcoming need for paid leave, whether it be for the arrival of a new child or to prepare for a significant surgery early in the upcoming year. The portal will allow employees to manage all aspects of their claim, including applying for benefits, submitting required serious health condition forms, reviewing the status of their claims, and managing their benefit payment options 

To assist individuals in navigating the portal and addressing queries related to applying for FAMLI benefits, the FAMLI Division is organizing three statewide virtual town halls in December, January, and February. Details for registration and streaming the town halls are available on the official FAMLI website. 

Now that employees can begin applying for FAMLI leave, employers and third-party administrators will want to make sure they add the contact information for their HR benefits manager in the My FAMLI+ Employer portal. This designated contact will be the go-to person who receives documentation when an employee applies for FAMLI leave. If a point of contact isnt provided for the HR benefits manager in the My FAMLI+ Employer portal, employee benefit documentation will be sent to the main mailing address and the account holder on file via regular U.S. mail. By adding the HR benefits managers point of contact in the system, employers can ensure that employee benefit documentation goes directly to the responsible person in the organization in a timely manner.  

For more details, check out to find how-to videos, a user guide, webinars and FAQs to help workers, employers, and health care providers navigate the program. Employers Council offers additional helpful resources for its members, including the following:  

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