Maximizing Membership: Freshly Updated Members-Only Content

By James McDonough posted 04-10-2024 11:17 AM


To ensure you have accurate and timely information and guidance, Employers Council staff review and update the members-only resources in Member Central as necessary. Some topics require frequent updates; for example, our sample Colorado employee handbooks and sample policies have been frequently updated over the last few years as a result of legislative and regulatory activity at the state and federal levels. Access these resources below:

You can also access our complete library of sample handbooks and policies here.

Other workplace topics evolve a bit more slowly, and these are also reviewed to ensure they keep up with emerging trends, societal forces, and employer/employee expectations.

To help you with gearing up for spring and summer hiring, these guidance resources were recently reviewed and updated to account for emerging societal trends (remote work, workforce demands) and technology (such as generative artificial intelligence), and relevant legal considerations:

Job Descriptions

As a reminder, you may access a robust job description library here.


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Employers Council staff are here to assist you with your emerging needs and help you navigate changing times. Contact us if you have questions or need assistance.