Federal Contractors Will Now Be Required to Certify Their AAP Compliance

By Community Manager posted 01-21-2022 01:57 PM


The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has launched a new initiative that will require all federal contractors and subcontractors to certify on an annual basis that they are meeting their requirement to develop and maintain valid Affirmative Action Plans. The Affirmative Action Verification Interface (AAP-VI) Portal will be opened for registration on February 1, 2022. Contractors will be able to utilize the Portal to certify their compliance with AAP requirements on March 31, 2022, with a deadline of June 30, 2022.

Contractors will select from three options when certifying through the Portal. They can report that they have:

  • successfully developed and maintained Affirmative Action Plans as applicable for each establishment,
  • not developed and maintained required Affirmative Action Plans, or
  • become a federal contractor within the last 120 days and are not yet required to develop an Affirmative Action Plan.

To select the first option and certify compliance, contractors must have a valid and current Affirmative Action Plan. They will need to ensure that this is in place for all required locations, rather than solely the location connected with the federal contract. Contractors who report that they have not developed and maintained required Affirmative Action Plans or who decline to certify through the Portal altogether will most likely face a significantly higher risk of a federal audit.

Employers Council can help determine your obligations under this requirement and develop fully compliant and current Affirmative Action Plans if required to maintain them. Contact our Member Experience team for more information.