Employee Appreciation Day 2022

By James McDonough posted 02-25-2022 03:59 PM


March 4th is Employee Appreciation Day. Are you ready? Should employers care? Started in 1995 by a publishing company, likely to capitalize on the revenue it would generate from the sales of their products, why should employers make an effort to show their appreciation on a specific day simply because someone else manufactured a holiday? 

Like Valentine’s Day, such days gather meaning and gain momentum over time, like it or not. Like any human relationship, there is an expectation that develops based on the observation of how others act. Employees see and hear about what other employers are doing for their workers and consider how their employers treat them, and likely wonder, “Do they care about me?” 

Truthfully, employer practices should value and exhibit employee appreciation every single day of the year, at every single touchpoint. That said, joining the herd and celebrating Employee Appreciation Day in 2022 is likely a wise investment of money, resources, and effort. Given the high rates of turnover and tight labor markets for skilled employees, showing some love can deepen the psychological attachment employees have with the organization. 

2022, like the last two years of the pandemic, challenges employers to appreciate their complex and diverse workforce; consider the needs of in-person and remote workers. Scheduling an in-person meeting for lunch and balloons won’t play well with remote workers! Use some creativity and show appreciation in a meaningful and equivalent manner, so everyone feels acknowledged.  

At a minimum, a heartfelt message from an organization’s leader to all employees can be a good first step. Gift cards, vouchers, or a few hours off are also winning options. And a fun gathering with colleagues over pizza and balloons may be just the ticket if all your workers can attend.